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The Giving is Easy

The Giving is Easy

Many ethnic people of Myanmar are exposed to drugs they have never seen before. Villages inside Myanmar are anecdotally said to have addiction rates as high as 80%. For the drug lords profits are everything.

International Aid dependence often brings with it a power imbalance. Big agencies regularly ignore indigenous ways and knowledge and impose western ideologies onto their beneficiaries. To help break free of this dynamic, DARE Network runs an Income Generation project called MoringAid. 

DARE Network is a local Community Based Organization dedicated to help prevent and treat addiction among its own people. DARE Network has provided non-medical, cuturally appropriate programs in the refugee camps and villages on both sides of the Thai/Myanmar border for more than 20 years, always dependent on donors for food for their treatment centres and prevention programs.


In the Refugee Camps and in Karen State, Myanmar, one of the many ways we help our clients to heal is to use organic agriculture at our DARE Treatment Centres. MoringAid project will help our program to sustain itself for the future, as the program can grow and sell its own food.

Super Good

If you are not aware of the amazing Moringa Tree and the many benefits of its leaves, roots and pods, let me tell you about it. Moringa is a tree that grows in tropical countries in Asia, Africa and South America. It is used by local people to enhance their diet providing high levels of protein, iron, calcium and B &C Vitamins. It can make the difference between malnutrition and good health. More recently, people in developed countries have started to use Moringa to maximize well-being.

When you buy Moringa from MoringAid you are saving lives.

Order at or message us on Facebook:  MoringAid for other options.


DARE Network (Drug and Alcohol and Recovery Network) is not affilitated in any way with D.A.R.E. America or any of its programs or products

Refugee staff clean the Moringa
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