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Moringa on breakfast

Moringa on Pizza

Moringa on Popcorn

Moringa on Popcorn

Super Good and the Giving is Easy


Moringa seeds have been shown to effectively remove 99% of bacteria and impurities from water, making it a cheap alternative for water purification in regions that don't have reliable access to potable water sources.

Studies also find that moringa sequesters 20 times more carbon from the atmosphere than average vegetation! Additionally, moringa is often referred to as the "never-die" plant because of its adaptability and resilience to climate change. Not only is Moringa a reliable source of nutrition for communities suffering from food insecurity induced by climate change related droughts and desertification, but it is also a useful carbon sink that can help mitigate climate change.


Moringa has been used as a traditional food in cultures around the world for thousands of years. It has been studied by the Scientific community and shows positive effects for nutrition and good health. Really is a Superfood. Below is a link to a high level published study in the USA.

For the people of Myanmar and Thailand it is normal to include Moringa in daily cooking to supplement the diet. Especially in poor areas where other proteins are not available, Moringa is particularly useful to ensure growth of children and their livestock. Does this mean we are promoting cow food? Well, yes. As well as yourself, you can give it to your pets to maintain their good health.

For the refugees that created MoringAid they want to share the benefits with you and by buying Moringa from them you help support their work within their refugee communities.

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This is the big question. Moringa Powder is packed with protein, antioxidants and loaded with super vitamins and minerals. So to get that powder into your body.

Well one easy way is to order Moringa Capsules. Two or three capsules, twice a day will give you maximum benefit. If you order the Powder you only need 1/2 to 1 Teaspoon a day, which you can add to your food. Just sprinkle it on. You should try to keep it uncooked, but even if you cook with it you will get benefits. You can bake with it in your breads, muffins and even Moringa brownies. Try adding it to food you have already cooked such as pasta sauce, eggs, pizza, anything you steam, stirfry, bake or roast. Put it in curries, soups, rice dishes and marinades. Salad dressings can be powered up with Moringa Powder. You can, of course add it to smoothies and juices. It will even enhance the flavour of your food.

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