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Store Policy

Customer Care

You are not only our customer, you are our partner.  When you buy MoringAid Moringa Powder, you are supporting thousands of refugees on the Thai/Myanmar border.  Just as you are caring about them by buying their product, they care about you by ensuring that you have a high quality, fresh and hygenic experience of Moringa.

If you have any concerns or want more information, please feel free to talk to us on this site or message us on Facebook:  MoringAid.  We will always be happy to hear from you and assist you in any way we can.

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is important to us.  Our site is encrypted and certified.  We use third party bankers. We collect only the data you want to share with us to service your order.  We will not share it with any 3rd party, as that would be despicable.  

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in Wholesale Moringa please get in touch with us by email or on this site.  We can offer bulk Moringa Powder.  We can also sell you Moringa Powder and our Packaging so that you can set up your own MoringAid business.

Payment Methods


Offline Payments - Message us on FB

Payment Methods
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